Flint Water Crisis: A Few Facts

The Flint water crisis is a water contamination issue that started in April 2014. Previously the water that Flint used came from Lake Huron and was treated by Detroit Water and Sewerage Department. After some time, the mayor and the city council were deposed. The elected officials in that nation made people drink toxic water from Flint River. They did this as a way of saving money. However, the contaminated water caused a lot of damage to Flint’s residents. The children, who were the most affected, suffered irreversible and permanent brain damage. There are several facts about the Flint Water Crisis.


Flint was once the home of the most significant General Motors Plant in Michigan. However, the contaminated water from Flint River was causing corrosion of the car parts as they were being washed on the assembly line. This led to the damage of the General Motor plant. As a result, the economy of the country was destroyed. This caused the governor to hook the GM factory back to the clean water from Lake Huron.


The Flint Water Crisis resulted from the efforts to try and cut the cost of water. There was a deficit of finances in the country, and the government said that a new pipeline would be built to deliver water to Flint. While the new pipe was under construction, the residents started using Flint River as their primary source of water. However, the water started tasting and smelling funny after some time. Attest that was carried out by the Environmental Protection Agency indicated that there were high levels of Lead in the water. Lead consumption is very harmful to the human body. It caused severe health effects such as impaired cognition, heart and kidney diseases, hearing problems, just to mention a few. The children were the most affected.


The contamination of the water resulted from the failure to treat the water with an anti-corrosive agent. This was against the federal law. The untreated water was then eroding the water mains that were made of iron. The color of the water changed into brown. Most of the service lines to the residential areas were made of lead. The lead began leaking into the untreated water in addition to the iron.


The Flint Water Crisis also caused the decrease in the value of houses in Flint. Nobody is willing to risk buying a house in Flint. The homeowners in Flint are therefore stuck with homes that do not have value. The economic drain has turned Flint to one of the poorest towns in the United States.


The water contamination also led to the insecurity of that town. Flint was being used for target practice, a decision that was made by the Pentagon. Unannounced military exercises were actually taking place in the city. The abandoned homes were being used as centers for dropping bombs. Grenades and explosives were being used all over the streets. The bad news is that the governor encouraged these activities. The reason why all this happened is that the Flint people held no political power or financial resources to help them fight back.

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